How Veracity

Verification Works

How Veracity Verification Works

Our deep dive assessment rates your product across key categories:


Ease of Use

How easy is it to navigate for all involved parties?


Does it comply with accessibility standards?

Technical Integrity

How well do features interact with each other? How sound is the integration? Who is hosting the product?

Data Security

Does it comply with federal and state laws for privacy? How is data collected, and who owns it?

Teaching and Learning

How do teachers present content, gauge learning, & evaluate students? Are all learning environments supported?

Student Engagement

How do students view content, communicate with teachers, and collaborate with peers?

Parent Engagement

How easily can parents communicate with teachers & collaborate in their childrens’ learning?

Product Support

How thorough is your customer education, and how easy is it for them to get support? How effective is your help center?

Reporting and Analytics

How is information captured and presented to help inform data driven decisions?


How well are document centric processes automated? How seamless is the customer experience for record management and compliance?


Process Overview

Verification Process Overview

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    Product Interview

    In this interview with key provider stakeholders, we gain an understanding of your product’s purpose, features, support, and services. This is where you present your product’s values!

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    Our team of experienced EdTech and Education professionals work together to complete a comprehensive product assessment designed to verify the merit and efficacy of a given product.

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    Analysis & Findings

    Our team analyzes the data and creates a Verification Report with results and recommendations. We work with your team to review the report and create a marketplace profile that summarizes your product’s key information.

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    You will receive your Veracity Verification badge and key marketing materials to promote your verification. Congratulations! A public profile of your product will go into our “Hall of Verification.”

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    Ambassador Consultation

    We can provide year-round support to keep our report accurate and consistent with your product through updates, additions, and changes to features and functionality.

Veracity Subscriptions

Why Go Pro?

A Standard Subscription will give you a snapshot of your product’s viability and show consumers that it delivers on its claims. For enhanced direction to give your consumers unmatched assurance and further develop your software according to their needs, take it to the next level with our Pro Subscription:

Strategic Ambassador

Your ambassador is an EdTech industry expert who works as your dedicated account manager. This individual will check in with you quarterly to provide year-round support and keep our report accurate and consistent with your product through updates, additions, and changes to features and functionality.

Verification Updates

As you update features to align with your customers' needs, our verification updates will verify new claims and keep your Veracity report consistent with your product at no extra cost to you. This keeps your verification up to date and aligned with what you are delivering to the market. A Pro Subscription includes one verification update.

Veracity Partner Channel

Gain access to our partner network of leading organizations focused on specific product requirements (Data Privacy, Interoperability, etc). This wealth of industry expertise will help you strengthen your product offering.

Marketing Support

The Pro Subscription gives you access to all our marketing support, including newsletter and social media spotlights, case study, webinar, press release template, website promotion, and additional guidance on promoting your Verification.

Veracity Pro Portal

Pro Subscribers only access page containing archived executive roundtables, webinars, case studies, white papers and more.

Executive Roundtable

Executive discussions to share best practices and common challenges, only available to Pro Subscribers.