Know Your EdTech

Centralize and manage all digital tools/software applications no matter where (or by whom) they were purchased.

  • Add, Delete, or Publish Products to Directories
  • Set Filters for Easy Searching and Sorting
  • Increase Visibility and Reduce Redundancy

Provide teachers with a simple catalog of relevant applications.

  • Communicate/Display Apps Available to Specific User
  • Sort by Approved, Under Review, and Not Approved Applications
  • Filter by Product Type, Grade Level, Content Area, or Custom Filtering

Build Awareness

Streamline Requests

Build and execute multiple workflows/processes to collect all pertinent data and approvals for purchasing.

  • Enable Staff to Initiate Purchase Requests
  • Facilitate Streamlined, Multi-Step Approval Processes
  • Oversee District-Wide Requests and Completions

Empower staff to maximize edtech investments with easy access to helpful resources for every application.

  • Onboard Staff and New Applications Consistently
  • Provide Training/Support Resources (Links, Videos, FAQs)
  • Minimize Help Desk Tickets with Autonomous Learning

Increase Adoption

Know All Spend

Never miss another contract renewal and get insight into all edtech spend.

  • View Upcoming Contract Expirations and Renewals
  • Manage Spend Across Each Campus
  • Quickly Report Contract Details to Auditors or Administrators