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As we collectively seek greater student achievement, EdTech Providers and Educators alike are being asked to do more with less – now more than ever. While Educators invest scarce time and resources to find products that meet specific needs of the school district, EdTech Providers struggle to stand out amongst the competition to remedy those needs. Through unbiased assessment, Veracity bridges the gap across all constituents and paves the way to student success.

Connecting Technology

& Student Success

As a third-party verifier of educational software products, Veracity maximizes resources for both EdTech Providers and Educators. Veracity Guardians, a team of experienced educators, conduct a comprehensive product assessment to verify the efficacy and merits of a software solution – providing invaluable data points for consideration.

For EdTech Providers

An assessment of product strengths and weaknesses, allowing product teams to align product strategy with educator-driven decision-making.

For Educators

An unbiased, comprehensive assessment and comparison of EdTech products instilling confidence and streamlining purchasing decisions.



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    Leverage experienced and tech-savvy educators to enable sound purchasing and product decisions.
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    Discover how EdTech products can best serve the needs of students and educators.
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    Move education forward…together!

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