EdTech Insights

& Educator Confidence

Veracity provides educators a one-stop-shop for researching and evaluating EdTech. The Veracity Marketplace enables vendors to get products in front of K-12 educators through a trusted third-party platform, building greater brand awareness and educator confidence in the evaluation and purchasing processes.

Maximizing Resources

& Connecting

Veracity contracts experienced and tech-savvy educators (we call Guardians), with a variety of industry experience and backgrounds, to trial educational technologies and complete rigorous and unbiased product assessments made freely available to educators in the Veracity Marketplace. Guardians mimic each user’s role, testing key areas of focus, ensuring a thorough evaluation, so schools/districts can spend less time researching and more time where it matters most.

For EdTech Providers

Making your way in the K-12 market and getting products in front of educators can be challenging and expensive. The Veracity Marketplace provides an alternative to online review sites and placement opportunities - one that instills educator confidence and streamlines the purchasing process while providing market data and insights for strategic direction and greater ROI.

For Educators

A one-stop-shop for finding, researching, and selecting EdTech products that fit your school or district's needs. Take back those hours spent searching for the right tools and completing daunting checklists. Find your next solution with ease in the Veracity Marketplace.



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    Educators in the Veracity Marketplace request a verification or more information on any SaaS-based solution in the K-12 market.
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    In-house experts and Veracity Guardians begin demonstration and a trial of the product under review and in consideration for purchase or renewal.
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    Trial findings (the Veracity Verification) are published in the Veracity Marketplace where all educators can access and share their own testimonials.

Supporting Veracity’s Mission