Maximizing Instructional


Effective technology management begins with one centralized system for purchasing, adopting, and managing K-12 educational technologies – maximizing resources, minimizing waste, and enabling speed and scale across the district.

Product efficacy and associated student achievement begins with organization, alignment, and communication to support successful implementation and ongoing adoption of any new technology or application.

That’s where Veracity can help.

Veracity’s Technology

Management System (TMS)

Veracity’s Technology Management System enables full visibility into software applications for every stakeholder – from students and families to teachers, coaches, and leadership staff. Designated staff can manage software applications by district and school enabling greater awareness of technologies purchased without overwhelming educators with products not relevant to them. Building resource pages by product minimizes the need for disparate systems and risk of resource loss with staff turnover.

For Technology & Instructional Leadership

Centralized management of instructional technologies to aid in strategic alignment towards effective adoption and classroom success.

For Technology Coaches & Classroom

Easy access to product catalogs and resources by school (and by classroom) enabling seamless instructional delivery with technologies available at hand.


Technology Adoption

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    Simple access to technologies and supporting resources for teachers, students, and families
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    Scalable onboarding, implementation, and support practices for instructional technology coaches
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    Centralized management of instructional technologies for school and district leadership

Supporting Veracity’s Mission