Efficacy Begins

with Adoption

At Veracity, we understand efficacy begins with adoption, which must be supported by well-defined expectations, sufficient staff and resources, and facilitating systems and processes. Veracity’s Technology Management System (TMS) supports every educational stakeholder – from students and families to teachers, coaches, and leadership staff – in the successful adoption of technologies to enable greater student achievement.

  • Easily view a catalog of relevant applications (customized for the intended audience), avoiding an overwhelming list of technologies across all classrooms, schools, or district
  • Quickly find specific applications with product type, grade level, and content area filters, minimizing time spent “clicking” and locating resources to guide instruction
  • Seamlessly deliver supporting links and information for instructional technologies to students, families, and communities with internal and external publishing, eliminating unnecessary website maintenance and expertise

Simple Access for

Teachers & Students

Scalable Onboarding

for Tech Coaches

  • Clearly catalog and communicate purchased or approved applications, what they do, and how to utilize them, reducing support inquiries and potentially redundant technology purchase requests
  • Consistently onboard staff with prescribed resources (created or curated by vendors or staff), enabling the greatest potential for adoption and success of the team member and application
  • Efficiently add and implement new technologies into catalogs with an extensive product database and easy-to-build resource pages, giving back valuable time better spent guiding instruction with technologies in the classroom
  • Readily align instruction and technology leaders (and key stakeholders) on technology investments with a centralized system of directories and product catalogs by district and school, enhancing communication efforts, strategic initiatives, and return on investment
  • Effectively scale technology adoption and support across all campuses with staff housing all resources – from login URLs and how-to video tutorials to privacy policies and internal contact information – in one location, minimizing lost files and disruption with staff turnover
  • Regularly assess applications and their intended outcomes – as a team – with a single, comprehensive portfolio of technologies, simplifying the evaluation and decision-making process

Centralized Management

for School & District Leadership