Did you know…on average, 67% of educational software product licenses go unused in the K-12 market today? Properly managing a portfolio of technologies requires continuous effort to minimize redundancy and waste. Oftentimes, we begin searching for and analyzing data around what’s being utilized and by whom as we try to remediate this negative effect. And, in turn, our efforts aren’t aimed enough at the root cause of the issue – failure to properly onboard and adopt these technologies.

At Veracity, we understand efficacy begins with adoption, which must be supported by well-defined expectations, sufficient staff and resources, and facilitating systems and processes. Veracity’s Technology Management System (TMS) supports every educational stakeholder – from students and families to teachers, coaches, and leadership staff – in the successful adoption of technologies to enable greater student achievement.

Successful technology adoption begins with…

Teachers and students need quick and simple access to the technologies and resources in which your school or district has invested. Easy access, paired with a flexible solution to build their own resource pages for students and families, enable teachers to spend less time navigating technologies and more time focused in the classroom where it matters most.

A Classroom-

First Mindset

Forward-Thinking, Sustainable Resources

Instructional Technology Coaches (ITRTs, TOSAs, ITCs, etc.) must be empowered with systems and resources to build scalable onboarding, implementation, and support practices to support overall effectiveness with any given technology. Enabling these valuable staff members with a centralized system for managing and growing instructional resources maximizes their efforts for greater technology adoption district-wide and gets them back in the classroom guiding teachers and students with innovative techniques.

At the helm of every instruction or technology decision is a K-12 leader responsible for its outcome. Strategic alignment and a centralized system for managing software applications – as any hardware would be managed – is key to effectively scaling and managing the adoption and return on investment with every technology purchase (whether it’s made by the instruction or technology team).

It’s time to work together – as one – with Veracity.

Strategic Instruction & Technology Alignment