About Us

Who is Veracity?

We’re a neutral third party bridging the gap between EdTech providers and consumers.

Veracity is an unbiased third party bridging the gap between EdTech providers and consumers. We hire, vet, and leverage EdTech expertise to review products based on a set of criteria designed to give a holistic review of the product’s performance and support.

Our Story

We formed Veracity to help school systems find the right software solutions. Unfortunately, in today’s EdTech marketplace, it is difficult to navigate through all the false promises, deceptive marketing, and unreliable reviews. The result is years of wasted time, tax dollars, and educator patience. This means that even reputable EdTech companies offering high quality software are finding it increasingly difficult to convince consumers that their product does what they say it will. We saw the need for something to help cut through the noise, level the playing field, and inspire the trust necessary to make the perfect match. We created Veracity to fulfill this need and bring EdTech providers and school systems together for the benefit of the students.

Our mission is to build product quality and integrity in the EdTech market by leveling the playing field with a reliable and transparent merit-based verification process. By uncovering the truth, we connect EdTech providers and consumers in a way that best serves our society’s growing need for virtual learning solutions.

A message from our CEO:

It’s all about the truth. Every company passionately believes that their product and service will benefit the consumer in some positive manner. Veracity is the unbiased, qualified, third party expert. We verify your product’s performance and specifications to allow the client to purchase with guaranteed confidence. It’s all about the truth and we stand behind every verification.

Jon Hagmaier