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Researching, evaluating, and purchasing the right educational technologies can be a daunting and exhaustive process for school districts – with curriculum and technology leaders carrying the weight of the burden. Selecting software solutions that drive accountability, student outcomes, and teacher success while ensuring data security, compliance, and integration with current systems consumes valuable and limited resources. That’s where Veracity can help.

Experienced and tech-savvy educators (we call Guardians), with a variety of industry experience and backgrounds, access selected systems and complete a rigorous and unbiased product assessment. Guardians mimic each user’s role, testing key areas of focus, ensuring a thorough evaluation, so you can make confident and sound purchasing decisions.




it Works

The Veracity Team will meet with you to understand the needs of your district, the problem to be solved, and the potential vendors for evaluation. Veracity will work with selected vendors to gain access to each software application for Guardians to test, validate, and report discoveries on each solution and provide a comprehensive comparison report for efficient and effective decision making.


Process Overview

Evaluation Process Overview

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    District Interview

    In this interview with key district stakeholders, we gain an understanding of the need for a software solution and discuss the RFP process and/or vendors for product evaluation.

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    Our team of experienced educators work both independently (15-20 hours) and then collaboratively to complete a comprehensive assessment of each selected system.

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    Analysis & Findings

    Our team analyzes the discoveries and creates a comprehensive comparison report with descriptive narrative of product findings. We work with your team to review the report in detail.

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    Ambassador Consultation

    A dedicated Veracity Ambassador will ensure your team has confidence in a purchasing decision and evidence to justify a proper evaluation was completed for greatest potential of success.