Taking the

Guesswork out

of Integrations

Software implementations would be a breeze without data and system integrations…am I right?! EdTech Providers and Educators alike want a seamless, successful integration, using as few resources as possible.  Veracity understands the importance of getting it right the first time.  That’s why we partner with EdTech Providers to deliver an Integration Assessment, enabling a seamless implementation process and positive customer onboarding experience.

Veracity’s education technology experts access each software application, mimicking the integration experience on behalf of the EdTech Provider and Educators.  The process is a discovery of unknowns, requiring technical expertise and resources. The Integration Assessment uncovers the areas of focus a district will need to prepare for success and provides transparency for the EdTech Provider(s) on systems which best integrate.  The assessment allows EdTech to promote their “verified” integrations and know they have been vetted by unbiased experts.


Security and


How Integration

Assessment Works

How Product Verifications Works

Tech-savvy educators and EdTech developers access two “integrated” software applications to test, validate, and report discoveries and a narrative on each solution’s interoperability.


Data Exchange Method

How is the transfer of data handled between applications?


How often is data refreshed (“synced”) between systems?

Time Investment

How much time is required for individual procedural steps?

Server Requirements

What conditions need to occur for successful network performance between applications?


What are the minimum requirements for a successful integration?


What potential workarounds exist for difficulties that may be encountered by the district?


Process Overview

Assessment Process Overview

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    Vendor Interview

    In this interview with key provider stakeholders, we gain an understanding of each product’s intended integration capabilities and access to systems to begin assessment.

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    Our team of technology experts work together to complete a comprehensive integration assessment designed to validate the interoperability of selected systems.

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    Analysis & Findings

    Our team analyzes the discoveries and creates an Integration Assessment report with descriptive narrative of integration findings. We work with your team to review the report and create a marketplace profile that summarizes key information.

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    You will receive your Integration Assessment badge, key marketing materials for promotion, and recognition in Veracity’s EdTech Marketplace. Congratulations!

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    Ambassador Consultation

    We provide year-round support to keep reports accurate and consistent as product updates potentially impact integration processes and outcomes.