Simpler, Smarter

EdTech Evaluations

At Veracity, we believe every educational technology has its place and purpose, but also that our educators deserve a trusted resource that provides evidence-based research on the features and functionality of every edtech software application on the market. We’ve seen the power of technology and its contribution to innovation in our classrooms and empowering the creative minds of the future – which inspired us to bring forth a simpler, smarter way to evaluate edtech.


We evaluate EdTech applications, so you don’t have to! Let Veracity help you find the right software solution every time, at no cost.


Peer Assessment

Through unbiased, merit-based product evaluations, educators – from administrative office to the classroom – are empowered to make informed decisions that fulfill the needs of all stakeholders. Veracity is fueled by experienced and tech-savvy educators, we call Guardians, to validate (or “verify”) each product’s features and functionality based on a proprietary rubric designed to present evidence of essential attributes including ease of use, accessibility, teaching and learning, parent and student engagement, data security, technical integrity, product support, and more. These Veracity Verification Reports lift the burden of a daunting and exhaustive process for school districts – especially curriculum and technology leaders – and significantly decrease overall resources consumed researching, evaluating, and purchasing for every school district.

Take Back Time

Let’s take back our time. Let’s pause to re-evaluate edtech and how – or if – it’s helping us achieve our goals. Veracity can help every school or district build confidence in the purchases made – or planned – AND trust student data is secure and technologies compliant.

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